Area Newspaper Readers Cut Off

Some people in our area insist a local newspaper is cutting them off for no good reason. Those Amarillo Globe-News readers are taking a decision to shut down their delivery as a personal insult.

A lot of people tell us they rely on the paper to help plan frequent trips to Amarillo for things like doctor's visits and shopping, so they know what's going on there. People across the Oklahoma panhandle are speaking their minds about losing the paper and losing touch with Amarillo.  "When you've had something pratically all your life and somebody takes it would you feel? It's drained everybody here," says Bob White who lives in Boise City.

"It's just like something that slaps you in your face...and you don't really want to talk to them," says C.F. David, another reader. David showed us a letter he says he received from the Globe-News that cites rising delivery costs as the reason for the cutbacks. We understand the Globe-News will now stick to delivering inside the Texas panhandle.

In a statement released to NewsChannel 10, publisher Les Simpson says he regrets making those changes but points out the paper's content is still available on line. The subscription is also available by mail. But readers we spoke with say those options are not the same.