Frustration Over Canceled Deliveries

Canceled deliveries have many area newspaper readers frustrated. Some Globe-News subscribers say losing the paper robs them of more than just routine.

People in the Oklahoma panhandle, New Mexico and elsewhere no longer receive daily editions of the paper. In a letter to subscribers, the Globe blames rising production costs. Some say the paper pullout is straining their ties to Amarillo. "That was something that made us feel part of the loop and I think we really feel like we're part of the economic impact of Amarillo and we should be part of the loop. And I think people are disappointed," says Guymon Chamber of Commerce Director Gerry Matthews.

Disappointed enough to make some readers take out their aggravation on Amarillo. "I recommended we drive to Tinidad in Colorado which is two hours this way, they have theaters, they have restaurants, they have hospitals, they have doctors," says upset reader C.F. David. The Guymon Chamber of Commerce estimates Oklahoma panhandle people pump hundreds of thousands of dollars each year into the Amarillo area economy through frequent trips.

But that could change. "We just get tired of being ignored," says David. We contacted the paper's publisher who says he regrets the change. Matthews expects Amarillo to take an economic hit. If people are less informed about what's going there she says, they're less likely to go.