Eating Healthy More Expensive?

Tim Cunningham, Eat-Rite Food Store
Tim Cunningham, Eat-Rite Food Store

Getting healthy apparently has a heftier price tag than the price of junk food.

That, according to the Journal of the American Dietetic Association's recent report.

The Journal's report says the price of low calorie foods like fruits and vegetables is up 20 percent from two years ago.

Meanwhile, the cost of high calorie foods like potato chips and candy bars are down by two percent.

But one local nutritionist says eating healthy is more of a deterrent for those in a hurry than prices. Tim Cunningham of Eat-Rite Food Store says, "it's not more expensive to eat healthy, it takes more time to eat healthy. You have to figure out what you're going to do."

For those healthy items, like certain cereals, that are higher priced than their unhealthy counterparts, Cunningham says the benefits of their nutritional value outweigh their higher price in the long run.