MySpace To Make Site Safer

Ray Wilson, Cat Man Du
Ray Wilson, Cat Man Du

As children are targeted on the internet every day by online predators, one website says it is increasing security on its site.

46 states joined in an agreement with myspace to take steps to better protect children on the internet.

But Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott says the agreement is not enough, he wants to see action.

The plan is to set up an age and identity verification system and allow parents to submit their children's email addresses so anyone with those addresses cannot create a profile.

In a statement sent to the chief executive officer of MySpace, Abbott says those are a starting point, not a conclusion.

One local computer expert agrees. Ray Wilson of Cat Man Du says "they are very important steps in the right direction but there is a lot more that should be done."

But Wilson says there are ways to monitor suspicious profiles, saying "they'll just remove the profile if it violates policies and procedures."

The Attorney General says he appreciates MySpace's cooperation with his Cyber Crime Unit, and will keep track of the site's further attempts to protect children.