Two Men Running for Sheriff are Headed to Trial

Two men who hope to run Potter County... Will be facing a judge and jury... Before a ballot box.

Today's docket call decided both men will be facing trial... But in two very different ways.

Shumate, who is charged with taking bribes from Mid-America Serviced Incorporated, and two felony counts of election contribution violations... Should be in court by this summer.

Seldon Hale, Shumate's attorney says, "The Attorney General's office is going to have to provide me with a lot of discovery. So they are going to have to about the latter part of march to begin that, then after that it will be probably be in may or June before this actually goes to trial."

Hale says he wants the case to stay in potter county because hale is planning on calling about 30 witnesses to trial... And because he feels the sheriff can get a fair decision from the community he has served.

"I think when the people of potter county and the jury gets to hear all the evidence.. Including the witnesses. We expect to get a fair trial and I expect the Sheriff to be vindicated." Hale says.

Farren's attorney does not feel the same way. He has filed to move the case from the county.

His client is charged with two misdemeanor charges of abuse of official capacity.

He says if the case doesn't get moved he hopes members of the community can come to court with an open mind.

Bill Kelly says, "I would hope the citizens of Potter County would look at it like any other case that Mr. Farren is presumed to be innocent and if he is found innocent at trial that they would look at it like it never happened."

Farren's trial date has been set for the 29th.

Both attorney's tell me that they believe their clients trials will not affect their campaign to become Potter County Sheriff.