Divorces Increase After The Holidays

Mike Watkins, local divorce lawyer
Mike Watkins, local divorce lawyer

The weeks following the holidays are a time to relax, pay on those lingering credit card bills, and apparently get divorced.

Divorce attorneys and counselors alike say this time of year is the peak time in divorce filings.

A number of factors go into every divorce, but one local attorney says he sees one reason for divorce after the holidays more than any other.

Couples often just are not used to spending so much time together the way they do during the holidays. So during the holidays they are together non-stop. That translates to problems when days off from work come along.

Mike Watkins, a local divorce lawyer, says his office sees a ten to 20 percent increase in divorce cases right after the Christmas holidays.

Then after the summer holidays, it picks up again.

A local psychiatrist tells us the problems that surface after these holidays did not appear out of nowhere.

Experts say if you can make it through superbowl sunday, your marriage has a better chance of lasting at least until summer.