C-Span Visits Area High Schools

The C-Span Election 2008 Bus rolled through several high schools this afternoon to give the students a chance to look inside and much more.

Inside the bus is where this year's presidential candidates are interviewed.

Students got the chance to sit in and see what the process consists of.

"I thought it was pretty cool. You're in this place where candidates are interviewed, and you're in the same place they were," said Isiah Heck, astudent at Claude High School.

The bus tours high schools to deliver a message about the difference between their campaign coverage versus a traditional news outlet, and to describe the importance of the young generation's vote.

Heck appreciates the message.

"I'm geting to vote for the first time this year, so we're starting to make an impact on society. I think it's important that they spend a little money to raise our awareness of what's going on."

The bus made stops at Claude, Tascosa, and Amarillo High.