Area Firefighters Face Arson's Aftermath

Area firefighters are back battling the fallout from what they call a serial arsonist. Here's what has kept firefighters on alert at fire remains Wednesday.

Charred land borders up against unburned brush just a few yards away on Ranch Road 687.   With high winds, the concern is parts that are still smoldering could spark nearby untouched brush. Crews from area towns came back to scorched ground from a fire they say someone intentionally set Saturday.

They've now finished containing an 800 square foot smoldering area on the property. Its an effort that's tougher when crews remember someone is behind it. "That's probably the hardest thing...I mean you're gonna have fires. We live in a part of the county where there's going to be natural fires. So when you get somebody intentionally setting it and putting everybody, I mean everybody in danger, it really hacks you off," says Sanford Fire Chief David Hagler.

Firefighters remain on guard for any more signs of smoke on 3000 acres of charred land along with other sites that burned over the weekend.