Smoke Free Amarillo??

A smoke free Amarillo that's what Breathe Easy Amarillo is working toward. 

They are circulating a petition around town to get a new ban on this May's ballot. Right now they say they have 1,000 signatures, but need 3,000 by February 1st. The measure intends to ban smoking in public places. 

"It's actually the number one avoidable thing we can do by not exposing ourselves to second hand smoke. So it's really the simplest thing to do to protect the most people in Amarillo." Breathe Easy Chairman Ken Cargle said.

To sign the petition, you must be 18, an Amarillo resident and a registered voter. This week the petition can be signed during lunch at Eat Rite on I-40 West.

Also from 9am to 4pm at the American Cancer Society on Bell. For more information you can visit their website at