Amarillo Family: Execution Wait Ridiculous

An Amarillo family says nearly two decades is too long to wait for a father's killer to be executed. The death penalty remains on hold in Texas as supreme court justices debate the legality of lethal injection.

The family of murder victim Robert Laminack calls the wait ridiculous, but relatives say they respect what the supreme court is trying to do. Robert Laminack Junior did not want to show his face as he spoke about his father's murder.

But he did make it clear what he thinks should happen to the man convicted of killing his father. "If they did the crime, they should get the punishment and it's death by injection."

But Laminack does not know when that death will come. And if the supreme court ends up split down the middle in a Kentucky case about the legality of lethal injection, Brewer's fate could remain uncertain.

"The problems with those kinds of decisions is that they affect only that case. They're not really precedent that guides us in any other case. So we're still in a quandary if that happens."

Carrying on the family flooring business his father started, Laminack says the death penalty is something his dad believed in. But he does not object to reviewing the way criminals are executed.

"If the way they're injecting now is not right then they need to find a correct way and go on and still get it done." If Brewer does make it to the execution chamber, one thing is certain for Laminack.

"However many people they will let in the execution room, we'll have it all filled with family members. I can tell you that."

The punishment phase of Brewer's case must be retried because of a technicality.  Farren says that will happen this year regardless of the lethal injection decision in Washington.