BBB Scam Warning: Weight Loss Schemes

The Amarillo Better Business Bureau is warning you about new scams surrounding weight loss products. Many Americans resolve to lose weight for the new year, and many people will be looking for fast and easy fixes to lose that holiday weight.

So far in 2008, many scams have already been reported. Here are just a few of them:

Fraudulent Clinical Trials

Six states have received complaints from people who thought they were taking part in a medical trial for a new weight-loss drug. The company, Progenics Inc. is advertising on the Internet for the trial. They charge people $144 dollars to enroll, but when people seek to get their money back, the company would not return any calls, and many people never heard from the company again.

Weight Loss Tea

19 states have received complaints about a weight loss tea that is guaranteed to help them lose weight. When people seek a refund, it is reported that the company gives very vague answers and uses stall tactics so that the company doesn't have to honor its 60-day refund policy.


Texas-based Changes International Inc. is advertising "Quit Smoking and Lose Weight in One Brief Hypnosis Session". The company offers a 100% money back guarantee if the hypnosis doesn't work. Reports say the company does not honor its refund policy.

Fat Dissolving Injections

A company called GO-FIG INC and Advanced Lipo Dissolve Center are reportedly offering fat-dissolving micro-injections for upwards of $10,000 dollars. Some people reported pain and swelling after taking the injections. I December, 17 of the company's 18 offices were closed citing "economic conditions".

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