Dieting vs. Eating Healthy

Personal Trainer Alec Stoddard
Personal Trainer Alec Stoddard

More Americans are choosing a healthy overall lifestyle over traditional dieting.

A survey of 26,000 Americans released by NPD Group Inc. shows fewer people are dieting since 1998.

Men have gone from 23% down to 19%, and women have gone from 35% to 29%.

The survey showed that even the dieters are choosing more healthy long lasting diets versus the quick fix style diets.

"Eating healthy is more of a lifestyle change, not just an end goal. My philosophy is if you'll eat properly you'll lose weight. Not that your going to change eating habits to lose weight," said personal trainer Alec Stoddard.

"The best approach is to ease yourself into it. If you jump right in, it makes it real hard to stick with it. Start making changes early. Take it step by step."

The dieters in the survey wanted to lose 20 lbs. on average, that number has stayed about the same since 2001.

68% of the dieters in the survey say improving overall health is the main reason for their diet.

The researchers say the results show a growing acceptance that a healthy weight may not equate to slimness.