GOP candidates weigh their chances

Associated Press - January 6, 2008 6:23 PM ET

SALEM, N.H. (AP) - John McCain is declaring he will win. GOP rival Mitt Romney says he plans to, but concedes "it may not happen."

And Mike Huckabee, riding high after his Iowa win, says he'll "do better than expected" in Tuesday's New Hampshire primary.

A pair of fresh polls show McCain, slightly ahead of Romney. Rudy Giuliani, staking his hopes on later states, is trying to hold off Huckabee for third.

Romney has pinned his presidential bid on using momentum from big wins in Iowa and New Hampshire. He needs a victory to prove his candidacy isn't crippled after an Iowa drubbing. And referring to last night's debate in which he took a lot of punches, Romney told ABC's "This Week" that "the guy with the ball is the guy people are trying to tackle."

McCain has put all his chips on a New Hampshire victory that would repeat his success from eight years ago.

They, and 3 of their opponents, meet tonight for a candidate forum.

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