Influx At Local Women's Shelters

local shelter manager Melissa Touchet
local shelter manager Melissa Touchet

A local women's shelter says there's been an influx of domestic violence victims seeking help since the New Year began.

An Amarillo woman who says she's been beaten and terrorized by her husband for fourteen years. She recently fled to a local women's shelter after being brutally beaten and hospitalized for 2 weeks.

"I thought that if a man didn't hit you or didn't slap you or sexually abuse you then you weren't loved. I'm finding out now that isn't true." said this anonymous woman.

Shelter's says this woman is one of many seeking their services.

"We have already tripled our numbers. Calls are steadily coming in to the domestic violence hotlines and there's still a lot of people that are out there that are stepping out saying okay I'm ready to get some help. I'm ready to get out of here." said local shelter manager Melissa Touchet.

Which she adds is common after the holidays.

"A lot of the situations that come in during the holidays are alcohol related, stress adds up throw in alcohol with that."

The women we spoke with says the shelter has changed her life and she wants other victims to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

"They beat us down they rob us of our feelings our thoughts what  we want to accomplish what we want to be and then afterwards when they find out that we're getting tired of it. Then they want to kill us and  leave us by the side of the road."

She says being safe in the shelter is like being in heaven. She encourages domestic violence victims to seek help and live again. If you need help or you are an abuser who needs treatment call the domestic violence crisis hotline at 374-5433.