What Your TV Needs for the Digital Change

Rick Deny with Sound Systems Ltd.
Rick Deny with Sound Systems Ltd.

More people are trying to find out just what they need to keep their TV working in 2009. Since the government has mandated that all signals go to a digital format by that time.

Tonight we are breaking it down... Whether you are a cable customer... Have satellite, or are still using antennas... Here is what you need to make the switch and get HD.

You may have heard about converter boxes you can buy in stores... Well you may not need one.

If you already have cable or satellite and a television bought after 2004... Your transition to digital will be seamless, because you are already there.

But if you want to receive a high definition signal... You will need a converter from your provider.

Rick Deny with Sound Systems Ltd. says, "So you would get the high definition channels through their box... But without their box you wouldn't get high definition through the cable system."

You of course will also have to have a High Definition TV. If you are still using an analog TV... You will have to make a change but you have some options.

The first... Buy a converter box... This will allow you to receive free digital local channels.

The other option... By a new television... Since it will be digital it will give you local channels and allow you to upgrade later if you wanted cable or satellite.

Now that you have made it to digital you may be wondering why you would want high def..

Deny says, "Much better color, the widescreen picture to see the whole movie... Much sharper picture, much more detailed picture."

But digital will get you through for many years to come it looks like.

Just a reminder.. The digital conversion change will not go into affect until February of next year...

So you still have time to figure out what you want... And now you know your options.

If you have more questions on what would work best for you and your television... Call your cable or satellite provider.