Area Financial Boost to Get Off Welfare

One area community is getting a financial boost to help families get on their feet and into their own homes. More than $40,000 in federal dollars.

That's what Clovis is bringing home to help people get off welfare and out of government housing. The grant money goes toward college classes, rental assistance and other aid designed to make families self-sufficient.

Housing director Waymon Dowdy is breathing a sigh of relief over the grant. He says without those dollars the self-sufficiency program would not be so effective. "Those goals and objectives people try to reach in their life, it would never happen... alot of dreams that would never come true."

Dowdy notes the program saves taxpayers money by taking people off welfare. About 530 people who live in Clovis public housing are eligible for the assistance. Participants are put on a five year program where social workers help them set aside money saved from lower rent for a future payment on a house.