Iowa Race About Image for Amarillo Voters

WT political expert Dave Rausch
WT political expert Dave Rausch

The first big hurdle of the presidential race is about more than ballot results.

That's what one local political expert tells us. A candidate's image could be what sticks most with Amarillo voters. Some of them we spoke with say they're keeping an eye on Iowa's caucuses. "I want to see something clear tonight. They decide what they want for real, talking real," says Adriana De La Cruz.

"We're hearing this and that like always but you know, I'm just gonna set and listen," says Deborah McWhorter. Rather than ballot results, what voters remember most could be how well candidates connect. "The Iowa caucuses are more a message builder. They're a 'How do you play to the public?" says WT political expert Dave Rausch.

Those who don't play well might run out of financial steam before New Hampshire's primary next week.  "Contributors start looking, well if he couldn't do better in Iowa, "Do I really wanna keep giving him the money?"  That means fewer choices for voters who still don't know who'll get they're vote. "I think there's still alot of time for us to be able to tell. There's still alot of things that need to be listened to."

Things that could sway support in what candidates admit is anyone's race to win.