First Presidential Showdown Could Help Amarillo Voters Pick Candidate

Iowa's caucuses could help some local people pick a presidential candidate.

Undecided voters tell NewsChannel 10 they're listening closely to candidates vying for a win in the hawkeye state. It may be a long way to November but those voters say the first contest's outcome will stick with them. Some political activists say the event is likely to decide who stays in the race for the White House and who bows out.. leaving voters fewer choices.

"They have to be the best of the best in there," says Amarillo voter Adriana De La Cruz. "I might back the best person I have to see what happens," says Bobby McWhorter. "I don't feel like a decision can be made just yet, I think it's a little bit too early to decide on that," says local resident Debra Parson. Another Amarillo voter admits to being "really undecided."

The Randall County Republican chairman says Iowans share that indecision right down to the wire. "I don't think anyone has made up their mind specifically in Iowa until seven o'clock this evening when they've voted," says  John Tyson. Texas Democratic Executive Committee Member Roberta Hicks says "whoever wins the Iowa caucus will get a boost."

Both Republicans and Democrats I spoke with say they'd be surprised to see a clear leader emerge in their respective parties from the caucuses.  But Hicks says the sooner that happens the better, because then a party can zero in on a single presidential candidate to support.