Overweight Trucks Damaging Amarillo Roads

Damaging our roadways, that's what Texas Department of Transportation says dangerously overweight trucks are doing to Amarillo city streets and highways.    

Overloaded semi tractor trailer trucks are a hefty problem for TxDOT. The overweight trucks are tearing up roads and the transportation department can't keep up with the cost of maintaining them.

"The cost of asphalt, the cost of construction materials, labor, it's an immense amount of money to the point where TxDot hardly has enough money to maintain the roadways that we have already." TxDOT Spokesmen, Paul Braun said.

Drivers tell NewsChannel 10 high fuel costs is just one reason they're willing to take the risk and overload their trucks.

"It's got a lot to do with the money, a lot of people are money hungry out here being that far away from home you want to make as much money as you possibly can." said veteran Truck Driver, Ryan Span.
However, taking care of these damaged roads not only cost TxDOT billions of dollars every year, it costs taxpayers and residents as well to fix the potholes and cracked asphalt. Drivers say it costs them too. Span who says he's been cited for his truck being overweight claims it's not worth it anymore because of the high fees for breaking the law. 

"The way I've look at it it's like 5 mortgage payments on your house."
Many drivers are still guilty. In fact the Texas Motor Transport Association says one in three are.  And the cost of fixing all the wear and tear on your car like worn tires and wheel alignments gone wrong from the damaged roads comes right out of your pocket.

The Department of Public Safety says they are cracking down on the problem by issuing more tickets and the Texas Legislature is doing their part by implementing stiffer laws.