Some Amarillo Homeowners Report Few Growing Pains

Some Amarillo homeowners say there are few growing pains when it comes to the pace of new building in town.

Many neighbors we spoke with say the growth is good for them, as long as it keeps home values where homeowners want them. Chris Wright is happy to see more homes popping up where he's raising a family. "I think it's great. As long as the house prices stay where they are and as long as there's people to move into 'em I think it's great for this part of the city. I'm happy for it."

A local bank financial analyst notes the city has seen a six percent annual increase in the dollar value of Amarillo building permits issued in 2007. Cliff Bickerstaff says the total value is close to 400 million. "Although it will not be a record year in new housing and construction, we think it will be the third or fourth best year ever." Bickerstaff says consistent, sustainable building growth is good news for Amarillo in 2008. That way the Amarillo economy doesn't overheat.

Wright agrees. "I think that getting too big too fast wouldn't be a good thing for the city."  Forecasters predict Wright won't have to worry about Amarillo getting too big too fast in the new year. Bickerstaff points out states that have seen double digit climbs in building growth, including California and Florida, have also had to face slumps as well. He doubts anything like that is in Amarillo's near future.