Mother Nature's Dangerous Strikes 2007

Between tornadoes and ice storms.. some area towns suffered deadly weather in 2007. NewsChannel 10 took a look at some of mother nature's most dangerous strikes.

The new year's scene was bleak for some area ranchers last January. "The cattle had had all they could stand. They had snow all over 'em and icicles and another day or two of that would've killed all of them," says Dallam County rancher Mac Kehoe. Hundreds of cattle were reported dead in Texline and at least a thousand in New Mexico. This after some area towns saw up to 30 inches of snow in one storm.

Then came tornado season. "I don't know how we walked away, but we did," says James Collins after surviving fierce winds that turned his mobile home upside down. That spring Cactus, Tulia, Logan and surrounding areas suffered tornadic wrath from mother nature.

At least three deaths were blamed on tornadoes in '07. But even mother nature's fury could be overcome, as area communities came together to rebuild. "I just can't believe how much has been done already," says one Cactus resident. "I've seen lots and lots of progress," says another. It's progress some say is still ahead for those towns.