Cab Companies: Plan Ahead this New Year's Eve

Law enforcement agencies around the area will be out in full force tonight to catch drunk drivers celebrating the new year.

Police are urging partygoers to be smart and find a safe way home, such as a designated driver or catching a cab.

One cab company, however, has this warning: plan ahead.

"Anytime we get a holiday on a Monday where everybody is off, people tend to stay out one extra night and have a little bit more fun," said Mike Yazbek, with the Yellow Cab Company.

Yazbeck recommends partygoers call in advance to have a cab waiting for them when they are done ringing in the new year. He says you could wait up to 45 minutes for a cab if you wait until late.

Yazbeck blames the backlog on a shortage of cabs in Amarillo and a drastic increase in ridership during the holiday.

"There's room here in Amarillo if you base it on one cab for every 25-hundred people for
83 cabs right now there are fewer than 40," said Yazbeck.

Amarillo police hope partygoers heed their advice and stay out of their cars if they've had too much to drink. They say a few dollars towards a cab can keep you out of a lot of trouble.

"If you're riding in a cab, you're minding your own business. You're just riding with a friend and you will not be going to jail," said Sgt. Randy Tenbrink with Amarillo Police.

Yazbeck says you should expect to pay at least $15 for a cab ride around the city.  Some companies are now equipped with credit machines in the cars to make it easier to pay.