Patrols Out to Pick Up Drunk Drivers

When you head out the door to celebrate the new year... Know you won't be the only one..

Law enforcement agencies across the area will also be out picking up drunk drivers.

Both the Amarillo Police Department and the Randall County Sheriff's Department are beefing up patrols starting tonight... Keeping a close eye on drivers.

Houston Howell is like many people in the area... He'll be celebrating the new year out on the town.

"I like to wait for the actual night and the countdown on TV. And being with a big group of people to celebrate the new year."

The Amarillo Police Department says they will have specific officers out on DUI duty..

Sgt. Randy Tenbrink says, "We want people to know that we have extra people out there. We don't want them to have any idea where they are going to be so that they will go somewhere else. We want them to know that where ever they are that's where we could be."

They aren't the only ones. The Randall County SOBER program - or the Sheriffs on beat enforcement remedy... Is also stepping up patrols... They will be out on the streets to hand out violations for everything from furnishing alcohol minors to drunk driving.

Capt. Roger Short says, "People being conscience of the fact that hey alcohol is dangerous, and causes a lot of fatality accidents and we don't want to be one of them. And that's what we would encourage people to do, be responsible, drink responsible, get a designated driver, call a taxi. Get out and enjoy the new year, bring it in but get home safely."

That message seems to be hitting home... For Howell at least.

"I really don't want to drive on a night we celebrate new years, we will probably have a designated driver to make sure everyone gets home safely that would be the smart thing to do."

Both agencies say they will be out on patrol from tonight into Tuesday.