Poaching Crimes Across The Panhandle

The headless remains of three dear are found in Potter County this week, and the game warden tells us they may have been killed by trophy hunters. 

"One of the problems we're running into here in Potter and Randall counties is that we're having a lot of dear that is basically wasted. They're hunted for their antlers and basically they're heads are removed and the rest of the dear is wasted, which is a class a parks and wildlife violation, which is punishable by a fine of five hundred to four thousand dollars and also a year in jail. It's a pretty serious offence," says Steve Urban, Potter County Game Warden.

Texas state law says anytime a wild animal is killed and the meat is wasted that is considered poaching.

Anyone with information about poachers is asked to call 1-800-792-GAME.