Amarillo Police Provide Christmas for Each Other

Corporal Brian Thomas, Amarillo Police Department
Corporal Brian Thomas, Amarillo Police Department

Some of Amarillo's finest are once again were treated to a home-cooked Christmas dinner. It's a Christmas tradition Corporal Brian Thomas of the Amarillo Police Department started 12 years ago.

He and his family cook dinner for members of the law enforcement family who work on Christmas.

As many of us stayed in the comfort of our homes this Christmas with friends and family, some of those who work to keep us safe were on the job. But they say they have gotten used to it.

Officer Thomas Newton says he and his wife are both used to working on the holiday.

And Officer Joe Loftus says after seven years in law enforcement, it doesn't bother him.

Part of the reason could be the Christmas feast the Thomas family provides for working officers.

Corporal Thomas says after years of working on Christmas, he wanted to offer something to those now in that position because he knows what it is like.

They open their home at 11 a.m. on Christmas day and go until five the next morning.

And for the last twelve years, they have seen about 60 come through every year.

Thomas says this year it was a little slower because officers were busy early Christmas morning. So he and his daughters boxed up more than 20 dinners and brought it to those on dispatch.

Thomas and his family say doing this every year is a joy.