Work on Christmas? So Did Many

Bobby Lee, The Big Texan
Bobby Lee, The Big Texan

As many enjoyed christmas day with friends and family, many spent much of the day at work.

The streets of Amarillo were quiet Christmas Day because most people were indoors celebrating with loved ones.

And while there undoubtedly was plenty going on in those homes full of people, the same could be said for some local businesses that opened their doors today.

Places like Furr's Family Dining and The Big Texan served hundreds of people throughout the day.

And when asked if they mind coming into work on Christmas Day, employees said they didn't mind one bit.

Other restaurants around town will open up Christmas night to serve dinner.

And many local businesses will be back up and running on Wednesday.

In fact, many retailers will open as early as five Wednesday morning, hoping to lure customers in with door busters and promises of even better discounts than the before-Christmas sales.