Amarillo Murder/Suicide

He entered the victims home, shot him multiple times, then turned the gun on himself.

That's what the Amarillo Special Crimes unit is says happened at a murder - suicide that occurred early this morning.

Police say 30 year old Michael Beckworth entered 31 year old Joe Lee's apartment... In the 24 hundred block of south Polk... Around 2 a-m... And shot Lee multiple times in the upper body.

Officers say Beckworth then shot himself once in the head.... Killing him.

Police say Beckworth had made threats to lee in the past... Officers believe he shot Lee because lee and Beckworth's wife were friends.

Lee lived in a gated community.. But police discovered the back gate to the complex was left unlocked.

Officers say they recovered the murder weapon at the scene.

Justice of the peace Thomas Jones has ordered an autopsy be preformed on both men.