Man Shot in the Head

An Amarillo man is in extremely critical condition after being shot in the head.

Police say shots rang out in a north Amarillo neighborhood this afternoon.. Leaving one man fighting for his life tonight.

Officers say they received the call around four. When they arrived in the 14 hundred block of Tennant...They quickly found a victim.

Lt. Gary Trupe with APD Special Crimes says, "The man who has been shot is a white male, he is 29 years of age. He has been shot a single time in his head. He has been taken to one of the local hospital where he is listed in extreme critical condition, however he is still alive."

Officers say the man was shot in the back room.... Close to the back door. They found some of his belongings on the sidewalk... Leading them to believe he was trying to move out of the home when something went wrong.

Trupe says, "We do believe we have a suspect identified and are talking to him right now. I don't know whether charges will be pending or not, until I know some of the details."

Trupe says they have recovered the weapon used in the shooting... A revolver. Police say when they arrived on scene two other people were at the house. So at this time they are not sure how many people are involved in the crime.

If you have any information on this incident... You are asked to call Special Crimes at 378-9468.