New Health Care Gift Card

Just when you thought there wasn't anything new to put under the tree, you can now give the gift of "good health".  

A new medical gift card is the first of it's kind. It can be used for doctors' visits or deductibles, prescriptions, co-pays, contact lenses and even elective surgery, health care long as it's a medical expense. The pre-paid cards come in increments of $25 up $5000. 

"They are targeted for patient population 30 to 50, but i think they would be great for your college students, for your population over 50 because you can't put a price on your health."  said Physician's Assistant Kasey Rowe.
There is a $4.95 loading fee, and a $1.50 monthly maintenance fee when there are funds on the card.

Rowe says "You can use it for prescriptions which sometimes what cost so much, you can use it for if you need to come in and your sick. If your away from home and you don't have your insurance card and you have to be seen you can use it for that. It's just an easier way to access medical care."

Rick Cummins says he could have used the gift card two years ago.

"My wife had an appendectomy and it was an emergency , something like that would have helped out with the payment." 

Other Amarillo shoppers say they could put this card to good use.
"I would probably give it to my son so he could get some glasses. Or give it to my husband so he could get a prescription filled." said Gaynell Brown.

Anna McVey a W.T. student says on her budget the card would be a great help. "It'd be nice to have around if you needed to go to the doctor, get contacts or a prescription."
You can also record the use of the card so you can use your medical expenses as tax deduction at the end of the year.

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