Recall RoundUp, December 21st

In this weeks Recall RoundUp, products you'd use for a number of outdoor activities could instead hurt you.

If you use this Specialized Bicycle Helmet when you ride your bike, you should stop using it and get a replacement.  The helmet does not meet safety standards, and might not protect your head in a fall.  It sold at Bike Shops around the country from July 2007 through October 2007.

Another outdoor safety measure on the Recall List, these full body safety harnesses for hunting.  Made by Gorilla Inc., they sold with ladders.  The harness can fail, and you could fall from the tree.  They sold at sporting good stores around the country from April through October.

Since you don't have to mow your lawn right now, it's a good time to get these push lawnmowers made by Honda repaired.  The cutting blade does not comply with Federal Safety Standards, and can cut you while you mow.  They sold at Home Depot and other Honda Lawn and Garden dealers from January 2003 through November.

DeWalt recalled these cordless drills due to a fire hazard.  The trigger switch can overheat, and catch on fire.  They sold from June 2006 through December 2007.

The bicycle helmets and the harness were made in China, the drills in Mexico, and the lawn mowers in the United States.

Follow the link to the Consumer Product Safety Commission web site for the specific product information, and how to get the product replaced or refunded.