Keeping Gifts in the Car? Don't.

You haul bags and bags of gifts out to your car and go back into the stores for more shopping.

But when you come back out, you see all your gifts are gone.  It is something that happens all too often around this time of year... People leaving gifts in plain sight.

Newschannel 10's Megan Moore took a walk through the Westgate Mall parking lot looking for vehicles with gifts out in the open.

We walked through the parking lot with the Amarillo Police Department and they say it just takes seconds for someone to walk to your vehicle, bust the window, and grab everything in sight. Not only that, but many of us use a coat or a blanket to cover the valuables we leave in our cars. APD says that, too, could entice thieves.

As we were walking through we found not just gifts in those vehicles but purses, phones, even suitcases.

APD says as we get more creative in hiding things in our cars, thieves get more creative in stealing them.

So the bottom line is: don't leave anything valuable in your car.