TEA Report: Preschool Program Isn't Working...

A Texas preschool program is under fire.  A new report says it isn't working as it should and taxpayer money is being wasted. 
The Texas Early Education Model or TEEM is a ground breaking program to prepare preschoolers for kindergarten by sending preschool teachers through a certification process.

"In the classes they showed us how to implement the materials, why we were doing what we were doing and the foundation for what we were doing." said Wanda Young a local TEEM certified preschool teacher.who has taught teem and traditional curriculum says after the training she knew more so she was able to pass that on to the children. 

"when you go to kindergarten you've got to know ten letters. You got to know your colors, your numbers." Which Young says all of her student know when they finish the program.
The local TEEM lead agency says that sending a child to school ready has a major impact on their life and the community by saving taxpayers money.

"They are more likely to graduate and work and they're less likely to fall victim to juvenile delinquency , things that would make them drop out of school and then to stay off welfare when they are adults."
The Texas Education Agency says the program is working, but an outside consulting firm says they were concerned about how funds were being spent.  Saying 40 percent of the funds were spent on salaries, benefits, travel and other expenses a number that is too high.

The T.E.A. says they don't want to get rid of the program but they will seek more financial accountability in the future to strengthen the program because they plan to make it the blueprint for all Texas preschools.