Area Farmers Waiting on Uncle Sam

Farmers across the Texas panhandle are waiting on Washington to figure out what kind of price cushion they can expect next year. Those farmers agree they brought home a good crop and good prices this year, but one farmer points out next year is anyone's guess.

He says that's why growers are counting on timely approval of U.S. farm bill subsidies to give them security. "You just need stability in agriculture, and that's all this... farm bill does is provide stability," says David Cleavinger.

The bill would extend payments to farmers when crop prices fall below a certain level. But it could be next spring before the bill nears final approval. Congressman Mac Thornberry says there's a reason the legislation's been bogged down. "Unfortunately there were alot of games played with the farm bill all year long, taxes were put on to it, energy issues were put on to it," says Thornberry.

President Bush has also threatened to veto the bill in its current state, citing a tax increase in the legislation. Cleavinger and the Texas Wheat Producers Association hope to muster enough legislative votes to override a veto if necessary.