Paying More for Cell Phones than Land Lines

You probably talk on it everyday... And take it everywhere.. Your cell phone may be one of the most important things you have.

Experts say there are 170 million land lines nationwide... But that number is dwarfed by the more than 250 million cell phones.

And their bills are adding up.

Cindy Nance says,  "We do pay more for our cell phone than our land line. Our land line probably runs about 40 dollars a month and our cell phone is about a 100 dollars a month."

Nance isn't alone... It is estimated that Americans will spend more this year on cell phones than home phones... And that is a first.

Kimberly Hermesmeyer with Sinclair Communications says, "At this time we do sell more cell phones than we do land lines. We do do both services at this store.. But a majority of the people do go with a cell phone since they are more mobile and more convenient."

It not just about the mobility... Retailers say a majority of cell phone users are not getting them just to make calls.

Hermesmeyer says, "A majority of it is the technology of features. You can email from anywhere in the united states now and you can send text messages. A lot of the telephones you can get your internet on, you can watch TV, you can get movies, stocks, sports, so a lot of people are eliminating the land lines and even the home computer because you can do all of that on your cell phone ."

For Nance, even though she says her cell is convenient... She doesn't plan on getting rid of her trusty stand by.

"The cell phone can drop a call at anytime, and on the land line that doesn't happen."

Sinclair communications says most of their customers getting land lines... Only do so, so they can get internet service.