Metabolic Research Center Weight Loss Success Stories

I slimmed in the most stubborn areas with ease.  Other people are saying to me, "you look wonderful".  I am a 41 year old mother of 3 and I have a Metabolic body.

- Tammy

What I liked best about the program was that it worked for me and you could have a variety of food choices....Now that I have reached my goal, I feel so much better.  I also think I look a lot better....Thank you MRC!!!"

- Marie

I look in the mirror and what do I see?  I see a totally different person than I saw a year ago.  I can't believe it's really me. ...Truly amazing!...I lost 100 inches!  I didn't know there was that much of me! Thanks to all at MRC and everyone who has been encouraging.

- Carolyn

"Thanks Metabolic! Losing 85 lbs on your awesome program changed my outlook on life.  I tried every other diet, all ending in failure.  Metabolic was different.  The weight came off fast and I had so much energy that it made following the Metabolic Plan easy!  It works!! Overweight?  Metabolic is your answer.  I am excited about my future!!!

- Jeannine

I had my entire life planned out, I was probably one in a few who joined the military because I believed in what it stood for. I worked hard to do the best I could at anything I put my mind to, my supervisors made the comment that my determination always out weighed my faults. Weight has always been one of my faults and a real struggle for me.

I would exercise and work out until I would drop. I had a First Sergeant tell me one day that I looked overweight and unprofessional in my uniform. To someone who has always had a self image problem this devastated me. I was placed on the Weight Management Program and the next two years became the worst two years of my life. Everything centered around my weight and I tried everything I could think of to lose. Eventually my weight came down to 172lbs and 5' 9 ½ " but due to my measurements (gotta love those hips) my body fat % was still over. I resorted to not eating or throwing up when I did. I became so sick my hair was falling out and my body would be so weak I would pass out in formation. I was always at the doctors for having all kinds of infections and constantly being dehydrated. To me the emotional humiliation was worse than any of the physical problems. One minute being recognized for outstanding performance at my job the next being written up for "being fat". I finally begged to be let out of the military and never in my life did I feel like such a failure. I received an Honorable Discharge and was finally out of my living hell - or so I thought. Recovery for what I had done to my body as well as the emotional devastation wasn't easy. I began to gain more weight and eventually was up to 215lbs. I was so depressed and angry I didn't even want to live anymore, just getting out of bed was a chore for me. When I walked into MRC I was bitter and very angry, I did not believe this would work for me - you think I could have received that when I was in the military - but deep down I was hoping the whole time this place would be exactly what I needed. I believe I was the meanest, angriest client MRC has seen in a while, but no matter what, they kept with me. The staff never gave up on me. They were always encouraging me and pushing me. I lost 60lbs and 67 inches on this program, but that wasn't even the best part. MRC changed my life - it gave me control back, my health back, my smile back and above all, my dignity back. It was more than a weight loss program, for me it actually changed my life. Now I work for MRC and what better job can someone have than helping people see the light at the end of the tunnel. A light I never thought existed.

- Babette C.

Before I began the metabolic program I had no energy and wanted to take long naps every day. I hated to shop because nothing ever fit right. I've lost 50lbs and 58 inches, I've kept it off for 3 ½ years and I feel great! I enjoy shopping, life and I love the new me!

-Karen H.

Before I began this program, I tried watching what I ate and counting calories. Both with no luck! By the time I started at Metabolic Research Center, I felt disgusted with myself and unhealthy."I was surprised that I could follow the program with no problems. The weight came off quickly.

I liked the fact that I had the ability to maintain a normal lifestyle and I liked the accountability provided by MRC. "I feel the cost of the program was cheap compared to my possible future medical bills."Now that I have reached my goal, I feel amazingly wonderful and proud of myself for taking control of my life. Other people say to me, ‘I'm so impressed with how well you've done.' ‘We're proud of you.' ‘You're new nickname is skinny."Now when I talk to people about losing weight, I tell them that it is easier than they think! Get started today!"The staff at MRC are very helpful in making this dramatic change in my life possible. Thank you, MRC."

- Sheila D.