21 Christmas Trees

The holiday season is a very happy time for many people, but for one particular amarillo couple, christmas just isn't complete without the tree.

The Jewells' are a very sweet couple, with a very festive holiday hobby, or perhaps collection is the better word.

Jeannie and Ronny Jewell started collecting christmas trees over a decade ago, and now have 21 trees.

Ronny is in charge of making sure the trees are set up and stable, while Jeannie is in charge of the decorating.

"I start in late october and my husband brings in all my trees and puts them up. And then i decorate them one a t a time," Says Jeannie.

And while it may be a bit of a chore to keep the tradition alive, its now become expected by friends and family alike.

She told me about a time that she realized her family depends on all the trees being there on Chrostmas.

"Last year i just got out of the hospital and i just put up one tree abd my grandson told his friends wait until you see my grammy's trees. And he came and i only had one tree up and he was very disappointed. "

People from the area who have heard of their trees come just to take a peek, and they encourage people who are low on christmas spirit to come and get their fill.