WT Graduation and Impact

The West Texas A&M Class of Fall 2007 graduated more than 600 students from five different colleges.

And the post graduation decisions of these students could impact some of our top area professions.

Michelle Bolwahnn, who received her Masters in Biology says, "I have been working a long time on my masters and my daughter helped me out and on my birthday she gave me my robes and hood and said I want you to walk across in December. So here we are."

That importance on education doesn't stop with her.  Her daughter, Alanna Bolwahnn-Barfoot also crossed the stage today, and says she got accepted into medical school, and will be going to Missouri in August.

WT officials say there are more business and education majors than other degrees

The Dean of the Graduate School and Research, Dr. James Hallmark says, "A large group of graduates will be education majors or looking into the teaching field. Or perhaps graduate level education majors who are go9ng to be principals, superintendents, counselors, or education diagnosticians, some of those specialty areas. Another large area we have are a large number of business students. Most of our graduates will stay in the Amarillo community but certainly many will go elsewhere for graduate opportunities or professional opportunities. That's one of the advantages of having a university here, is we are training a large number of individuals who will be working here and supporting our community."

Bolwahnn-Barfoot tells me her plans following graduation from medical school.  "I'd like to come back to the area, it's where family is."