Local Blood Bank Needs Donations

Blood supplies can quickly reach dangerously low numbers, and panhandle residents are encouraged to come out and donate. 

Just from today's accidents Coffee Memorial Blood Center used almost half their supply.  And they say just one more accident could put them at critically low levels. 

The weather situation is likely to increase the demand for blood, just as happened this morning, just as may happen tonight with the snow coming in. We have to be ready for that. So a 125 donors is an average but on days like this it's going to take 150 to 200."  said President and CEO Jim Rutledge.

He also says not to worry, all donations can be tested and processed for distribution within 24 hours.

"The test samples are flown out from the blood we collect every evening to a laboratory in the Dallas area and then those results are computerized back to us usually by noon the next day, so we have to anticipate today what we'll need tomorrow." 
Rutledge says to donate call coffee memorial at 358-4563, and you can receive a Christmas tree ornament and a stocking stuffer.