Sony hardware sales jump in November but lag behind competitors

Port Washington (NY) - Playstation 3 sales nearly quadrupled last month compared to October, with PSP and PS2 seeing similar jumps, but all three remained at the bottom of the list compared to Nintendo and Microsoft.

Around 466,000 PS3 units were sold in the US in November, according to the latest figures from NPD group.  That's a significant increase over October, which had just around 121,000 units sold.

The beginning of the holiday season also sparked higher than expected sales of the PS2, with 496,000 units and the PSP, with 567,000 units.  Those figures are both around double what they were the previous month.

However, that wasn't nearly enough to catch up to the Wii, which remains a complete sell-out and sold 981,000 units last month.  The Xbox 360 was, as usual, sandwiched in the middle with 770,000 units sold.  Meanwhile, the DS outperformed all others with over 1.53 million units sold.

On the software side there was a near anomaly with two titles selling over a million copies in the US.  The Xbox 360's Call of Duty 4 took the top spot with over 1.56  million units, stealing some of the thunder away from #2 title Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii, which recorded 1.12 million units sold last month.  Assassin's Creed for the Xbox 360 wound up third with 980,000 units, followed by the PS2 version of Guitar Hero III at 967,000 units.  Top 10 list regular Wii Play nabbed the fifth spot, with 564,000 units.

Also of note, the Xbox 360 version of Rock Band, touted as one of the hottest holiday items, did not even rank in the top 10, with sales of nearly 312,000 units.  Release date mix-ups at retailers and nationwide shortages have caused sales for the ambitious rhythm game to be underwhelming.