Wind Farms Powering the Panhandle

Carson County Judge Lewis Powers
Carson County Judge Lewis Powers

Smaller wind farms could help you save on future energy bills. One of six wind farms being built in the panhandle is just west of Pantex. It will soon be hooked up to XCEL Energy's distribution system. These turbines may one day be powering your home. More of these mean less reliance on natural gas, which will reduce your energy bill every time the wind blows.

"We can depend on this power and back off natural gas and that's great for fuel costs and it saves the customers money because there is no fuel cost on wind," says Wes Reeves, the spokesman for XCEL Energy.

"It lets small investors get involved in smaller projects, not 2000 watt sized farms, this allows them to invest in wind generation," says Carson County Judge Lewis Powers.

Less use of natural gas means better air quality and fewer emissions. Judge Powers says this eight turbine farm near Pantex should be in full operation by March.