Head Lice Outbreak, How Parents Can Help Prevent Spread

Bushland School Principal Bobbye Morgan
Bushland School Principal Bobbye Morgan
Bushland School Nurse Betsy Weaver
Bushland School Nurse Betsy Weaver

Several Bushland Elementary students are not in school today after a head lice outbreak. 

School officials confirmed at least nine cases at the school.  Most of those cases were contained to a second grade class. All infected students  were sent home and must be cleared before returning to class. 

"They come back and our nurse checks it because we don't want it to spread to another child or a teacher or anyone in the classroom, or in the hallways so we always check that and then they go back home if they have it." said school Principal Bobbye Morgan.

The school has also done it's part.  All classrooms are sanitized daily and any materials that could spread lice were removed. Parents can do their part as well by notifying the school if you think your child has lice so they can get the situation under control as quickly as possible.

Head lice is not uncommon, and while it's not harmful, but it can be annoying to get rid of.  School Nurse Betsy Weaver tells parents to use a pediatrician recommended shampoo, but warns only to use it once every 7 to 10 days because it's very strong. 

"That leaves you with the eggs, so what you have to do is you have to comb through the hair to get all of the eggs that are on the shaft of the hair."
Weaver says make sure you get all of the eggs out.  Then you have to treat your home. 

"You've got to get all the bedding, all the coats, all the clothes, everything has to be washed and dried. You really want allow heat to work. Then you have to take stuffed animals and anything that can't be laundered and it has to be bagged up and sealed so that it will suffocate the lice."
The items need to be bagged up for two weeks to a month. Before the child can return to class they must be cleared by the school nurse. School administrators say they do their part to prevent the spread of lice by sanitizing the classrooms every day and bagging the items that could be infested.