Town Struggles One Year After Immigration Raid

The face of their town is changing but still not recovering economically. That's what some people in Cactus tell NewsChannel 10 on the anniversary of a surprise immigration raid there.

The memory is still fresh for many people we spoke with in Cactus. And for some so are the effects. Vonnie Samples remembers when federal agents swooped down on the Cactus Swift year ago Monday morning.  "It was just astounding," Samples says. "You know because you didn't know that was going to happen.  And especially during the holidays.

We've learned new workers have replaced some of the nearly 300 jobs left vacant after the arrests, but some say even work at the plant is still not stable. And turnover is high.  "Every day many people enter and still leave," says new Swift worker Refugio Rodriguez.  "From thirty to forty people...two or three here will stay."

One man in town who would not go on camera says Cactus needed the raid. Others say it made little sense.  "It was worthless for them to come and take people because they are going to come back no matter what," says Perla Chavarria.