Deported Man Speaks Out About Living Illegally in US

He has returned to the U.S. after being deported, and he's speaking out about his life in the shadows.

This comes one year after federal agents rounded up nearly 300 area Swift workers suspected of being in the country illegally like he is now.  The man we'll call Miguel tells us he's back in Cactus after immigration officials deported him earlier this year. "It took me a while. It took me about five months," he says.

People in Cactus tell us Miguel is not alone, and that some Swift workers arrested in Operation Wagon Train have also returned. "There's people that's coming back, there's a lot of people that's coming back," says Perla Chavarria, who says the raids are worthless. Other illegal immigrants still in Cactus spoke with us, but were not willing to go on camera.

"People, you know, they don't come out as much as they used to. Still afraid," says grocery manager Vonnie Samples. Miguel says he had to come back because his wife is pregnant there. "It's difficult, very difficult," he says. But he adds when you have family here, it's worth the trouble.