Cactus Schools Bouncing Back One Year After Raid

The Dumas Independent School District was initially hit hard by the raids.

It was not clear where more than 100 students whose parents were netted would go. The school district now says they have been able to bounce back. They say their numbers district-wide are above where they were one year ago.

At Cactus Elementary School, right across from the Swift Plant, one mother told NewsChannel 10 she wasn't even aware today was the one year anniversary of the raids. "It's gotten back to normal. It actually got back to normal pretty quick, cause everyone was so scared. Cause everyone was pretty quiet. There wasn't even trash blowing around, my dad noticed that," said Isabel Diaz, a parent who was picking up her daughter at Cactus Elementary.

The principal of Cactus Elementary says one year after the raid, her students have been able to excel academically. "I think our students, our parents, our community and our staff members have put this behind us and moved forward on educating our students here at Cactus," said Carla Tafoya, principal of Cactus Elementary.

Tafoya says her school lost seven students because of the raids. She also says the number of Hispanics in her school has gone down. She thinks its because the Swift Company is hiring more diverse workers.