Shooting Suspect Still on the Loose

Two brothers remain in the hospital this evening, one with a life threatening injury, after being shot.

And that gunman is still on the loose.

Those brothers were shot just before nine last night in their home.

Police say a gunman, who may have been invited in, shot 24-year-old Jorge H. Sarabia in the head and 21-year-old Jorge I. Sarabia several times in his upper body.

That gunman then took off on foot.

Police say they're still looking for him and the reason for the shootings.

Lt. Gary Trupe says "we're trying to determine what happened and what led up to this shooting and that information is getting hard to gather."

The gunman is described as a Hispanic male, about five feet nine, and was reportedly wearing a Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt when he shot the brothers.

If you have any information on the shootings or the gunman, you are asked to call the Special Crimes Unit at 378-9468.