1999 Murder Suspect to be Extradited

The prime suspect in an 8-year-old area murder is being sent back to New Mexico. NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg explains the latest in this case.

Teodoro Barraza Garcia will be extradited back to New Mexico to stand trial for the April 1999 murder of Jorge Bermundez.

Police say Bermundez was stabbed to death inside his Tucumcari home. The killer fled the home out this back door, and disappeared.

The case went cold until 44-year-old Barraza-Garcia was pulled over for DUI in Washington state in October.

He fought extradition claiming he was not the same man wanted in Tucumcari.

A Governor's warrant from Bill Richardson was required to extradite Barraza-Garcia, that has been received by Washington officials.

Now U.S. Marshals will escort the suspect back to Quay County, where he will remain behind bars until he stands trial.