Veteran Suicide Hearings On Capitol Hill

Some members of Congress are focusing on veterans and mental health today.                         The House Committee on Veterans Affairs is holding a hearing on "stopping suicide and ending  homelessness."

Congressmen want to know why the VA is not doing more about these issues. The father of one service member who committed suicide testified during the hearing. "When these veterans come home they find an understaffed, underfunded, under-equipped VA mental health system that has so many challenges to get through it that many just give up trying.

The result is the current suicide epidemic among our nation's defenders," said Mike Bowman, the father of a veteran who committed suicide.

During 2005, it was reported that an average of 120 veterans a week took their own lives. Bowman says his son was one of thousand of soldiers still  at risk.

He says they can be brought back, but that the VA's system needs to be fixed.