Potter County Involved in Catching Online Predators

It is a much bigger problem than people realize.

That is what the District Attorney says about online predators.

Potter County is participating in a grant program aimed at training people to catch online predators.

Here's how it works:

Someone within the District Attorney's office pretends to be a child in a chat room or on a website.

He then tries to lure in online predators.

The county is able to do this because it gets grant money from the program's hub in Dallas county.

That money goes toward training the person in the District Attorney's office to keep up with online trends like internet lingo and new software programs.

The county is in its second year in the program and the district attorney says it has been successful so far.

Randall Sims says eight law enforcement agencies across the state, in addition to Dallas County, are participating in the program.   And by all of them working together, it could help catch a predator.