Area Family on Short List of Foster Homes

Temporary homes are harder to find for Texas panhandle kids who need them.

Newschannel 10 found out what keeps one area family from dropping off a short list of foster homes. It's not as tough a job as you think according to one foster dad. Keeping up with state paperwork, training and changing requirements comes with the territory. "It probably takes thirty minutes a week which isn't that big a deal compared with all the time you can lay on the floor to play with the children and just have a good time," says Harold Artho.

The Arthos are one of just fifteen families Catholic Family Service depends on to take foster children. Right now the agency is out of spots in homes like theirs. "All the children that they can have they have, so there's not room to bring in any more," says Ruth Vasquez, who places children in homes through Catholic Family Service. The agency works with Child Protective Services, which will place kids in a shelter or outside the Texas panhandle if no homes are available.  Artho says making his home available is easy.

"You need to have a big heart. You need... just to be concerned about a fellow human being, and especially... a child," says Artho. He and his wife tell us they'll keep their foster home door open as long as they can.