Steroids Found In Supplements...Athletes At Risk

Student athletes may be taking steroids and not even know it. Dietary supplements sold in local stores have been found to contain low doses of the drug.  And as Newschannel 10's Stephanae Benson reports it could cause your athlete to test positive for steroids.

Over the counter supplements contain ingredients that when mixed together, make steroids.  And student athletes taking these performance enhancing supplements are taking steroids without even knowing it.

"Some athletes were showing up positive for steroid use and enhancer's and they were saying some of these things derived from some of the supplements they were taking and not taking steroids directly." said Pediatric Pharmacist, Allison Walker of Valmed Pharmacy.

These supplemental products could cause a student athlete to test positive for steroids, and Tex Nolan the athletic Director at The Amarillo Independent School District says it would make them ineligible to play.

"If they test positive, if it's a false positive or what, it's final. The first time they test positive it's a 30 day suspension. Then the second time it's 60 days, the third time it's a lifetime ban, so it's basically three strikes and your out."

Minors are restricted from buying products that contain steroids at local health stores.

Owner of Innovative Nutrition says he educates them on proper diet and shows them products that will give them the same results safely.

"Most of those are micro nutrients, specific amino acids and so forth that will just enhance recovery. Make them recover form their intense workouts and gruelling workouts a little bit faster."

Doctors warns parents to pay attention to the dangers of these certain types of supplements t could cause developmental problems in adolescents.